Thanet Iceberg Project

bringing hope to the hopeless across thanet

 Helping individuals and households across Thanet to combat the causes of poverty whilst overcoming its symptoms.



Our Projects

The mission of Thanet Iceberg Project is to help individuals and households in combatting the causes of poverty whilst overcoming its symptoms.  This is achieved by helping people with one or more of our three projects.

The Lounge

Situated a short walk from 2 Thanet Loop bus stops behind B&Q at Westwood.  Join us for a drink, a snack and some community.

Its not just about food. It’s about using it to bring people together.


The Loft

We collect excellent condition, pre-loved furniture and small household items and arrange for them to be given – and delivered – for free to those who need them.


Our support workers are on hand throughout the year to offer advice, support and where needed, practical assistance.

Our Crossroads support service offers an individualised, tailored approach.

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“Four years ago I was on the streets.  Today I am in my own accommodation, settled and volunteering full time.  Thanet Iceberg have given me food, clothing and furniture but above all they have given me time, attention and true compassion.  I don’t know where I would be if I had not met their outreach worker, but it certainly wouldn’t be here, now!”

Sam L

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless 

Across the whole of the isle of thanet.

01843 500021